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Workbench Metal Lathes

A Big Tool Room Lathe in a Small Table Top Machine

Find all the major name brand bench top lathes for Turning Tools/Machines in one place. Compare, review, buy a Small Benchtop Machine that does exactly what you want! Harness the precision lathe turning tools provide. A Machinist Lathe that sits on your workbench...

Unlike a wood lathe, a metal turning mini lathe is precise and accurate - to within thousands of an inch. Lets not forget about repeatability either. These three features are something a woodworking lathe can't come close to matching.

Shop Fox 10-by-20-inch Metal Lathe

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Product Description
An excellent small-sized lathe with an impressive 9-3/4-inch swing and a 21-inch distance between centers, the M1016 offers handy accessories like 5-inch 3-jaw chuck, eye shield, and 4-way turret tool post. This mini-lathe gives model makers, toolmakers, gun hobbyists and the weekend machinist a way to economically produce small precision parts, threaded parts, fittings and dies.
  • Swing over bed: 9-3/4-inch
  • Distance between centers: 21-inches
  • Swing over saddle: 6-inches
  • Cross slide travel: 4-1/4-inches
  • Compound travel: 2-1/4-inches
  • Carriage travel: 20-inches
  • Spindle bore: 3/4-inch
  • Spindle taper: MT #3
  • Bed width: 5-3/8-inch
  • Tailstock barrel taper: MT #2
  • Tailstock barrel travel: 2-1/2-inch
  • Leadscrew: 3/4-inch - 12 TPI
  • Thread range (inch): 12 at 8-40 TPI (gear changes required)
  • Maximum tool size: 1/2-by-1/2-inch
  • Motor: 3/4 HP, 110V, single-phase, 8A, 1725 RPM
  • Spindle speeds: 6 at 150, 240, 490, 750, 1200 and 2400 RPM
  • Longitudinal feed range: 2 at 0.005-inch and 0.010-inch
  • Thread range (metric): 12 at 0.4 - 3.0mm
Accessories: Cross slide table, 11 change gears, 2 dead centers, 4-way turret tool post, Eye shield

Grizzly G0768 Variable-Speed Lathe

grizzly g0768 variable speed metal workbench lathe
Product Description
This 8" X 16" Variable-Speed Lathe Is Perfect For A Sturdy Workbench Or As A Stand-Alone Unit When Mounted On The T26599 Optional Stand. Features Variable-Speed Spindle With High/Low Speed Ranges, Convenient Quick-Lock Tailstock, Reverse Feed For Cutting Left-Hand Threads, And A Great Selection Of Included Standard Equipment.
  • Swing Over: Bed 8-1/4"
  • Cross Slide 4-5/8"
  • Distance Between Centers: 15-3/4"
  • Spindle: Bore 0.787"
  • Taper Mt#3
  • Motor: 600W (3/4 Hp) - 110V
  • Spindle Speed Ranges: Low 50–1000, High 100–2000 Rpm
  • Travel: Compound Rest 2-1/8"
  • Cross Slide 3"
  • Tailstock Quill Travel 2"
  • Tailstock Taper Mt#2
  • Feed Speeds: (3) 0.0037"–0.0071"/Rev
  • Inch Threads: (15) 9–44 Tpi
  • Metric Threads: (12) 0.4–3.0Mm
4" 3-Jaw And 4-Jaw Chucks
6-3/4" Faceplate
Steady Rest & Follow Rest
4-Way Turret Tool Post (1/2" Max Tool Size)
Mt#2 & Mt#3 Dead Centers

Mophorn 7 x 12 Variable Speed Mini Lathe

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Product Description
This 7 x 12 Inch 550W precision mini lathe is designed to perform various types of metal turning. O.D. and I.D. turning, drilling, threading, and cutting jobs on various materials. This machine can be used in areas such as mini precision parts processing, sample processing and modeling works. The precision mini lathe is perfect for the hobbyist or modeler who is looking to add finite detail to their construction project.
  • Swing over bed: 7"(180mm)
  • Distance between centers: 12"(300mm)
  • Machine bed width :3.15"(80 mm)
  • Bore Size of Included Chuck: 0.63"(16mm)
  • Spindle bore:0.79"(20mm)
  • Spindle nose taper: MT #3
  • Taper of tailstock sleeve:MT2
  • Tailstock travel: 2-1/2"(52.07mm)
  • Cross-slide travel: 2-3/4"(70mm)
  • Maximum tool bit size: 5/16"(7.9375mm)
  • Speed range: Low Range: 0-1100 RPM, High Range: 0-2500 RPM
  • Imperial threads: 5-2.5" (12-52 T.P.I Range of Imperial Threads)
  • Range of metric threads: 0.4-2.0mm
  • Motor: 3/4 HP, 550W 110V, Single-phase
  • Number of thread pitches: 18 inch & 10 metric
  • Max. Swing D ia.Over Bed:7.086"(180mm)
  • Max. Swing D ia.Over Cross Slide:4.33"(110mm)
  • Number of speeds: Variable
  • Spindle accuracy: 004"( 0.01mm )
  • Chuck diameter:3.93"(100mm)
  • Hole Through Spindle: 0.79" (20mm)
  • Top slide travel: 1.38" (35mm)
  • Cross slide travel: 2.56" (65mm)
Variable Speed
Threading Dial Indicator
16 TPI Reversible Leadscrew
Forward and reverse in all speeds
Chip Tray & Backsplash Guard
Standard & Metric Graduation

TOTOOL Mini Bench Lathe - Variable spindle Speed

totool mini lathe with variable speed spindle
Product Description
This amazing mini lathe produces precision work without taking up a lot of room in your shop or garage. For turning and counter facing, as well as making bushings, spindles, prototypes, models and much more.
  • Motor: 0.75HP/600W/110V
  • Spindle speeds: 50-1250RPM(LOW)/100-2500RPM(HIGH)
  • Variable Speed Gear: Metal
  • Swing Over Bed: 7"
  • Distance Between Centers: 12"
  • Chuck Diameter: 3.94"
  • Spindle Bore: 0.8"
  • Cross Slide Travel: 2"
  • Top Slide Travel: 1.38"
  • Spindle Taper: MT3
  • Tail Stock Taper: MT2
  • Range of Metric Threads: 0.5-3mm (10-44 T.P.I Range of Imperial Threads)
Equipped with all-metal gears for strong power
Electronic control system for the magnetic induction digital single-chip control
Variable spindle speed of 50-1250/100-2500RPM
Speed infinitely variable, easy to read via digital speed display

Package Contents:
1 X Mini Metal Lathe
1 X 3-jaw Chuck (100mm)
1 X Splash Guard
1 X Chip Tray
1 X Toolbox
1 X English User Manual

BestEquip Brand Infinitely Variable Spindle Speed Precision Mini Lathe

Product Description
Whether you’re turning, counter facing or making bushings, spindles, prototypes or models, this precision mini lathe will meet the challenge! With 18 threads, automatic feed and a chuck guard with micro switch, this mini lathe is ideal for use in labs, workshops, engineering and educational settings.
  • Motor: 0.75HP/550W/110V
  • Spindle Speed: 100-2500 RPM Variable
  • Variable Speed Gear: Plastic Nylon
  • Spindle Taper: MT3
  • Tail Stock Taper: MT2
  • Distance Between Centers: 14"
  • Swing Over Bed: 7"
  • Chuck Diameter: 3.93"
  • Spindle Bore: 0.8"
  • Cross Slide Travel: 2.56"
  • Top Slide Travel: 1.38"
  • Range of Metric Threads: 0.5-2.5" (12-52 T.P.I Range of Imperial Threads)
  • Spindle Accuracy: 0.0004"
Includes: Oil Can, Chuck Claw, Double-Headed Wrench, Hexagon Bar Wrench, Chuck Wrench, Protection Mask, and four(4) Shockproof Foot Cushions

Grizzly G0516 Combo Lathe with Milling Attachment

Grizzly G0516 combo lathe
Product Description
Precision versatility and high quality in a small package are what you get with the new G0516 Lathe Mill Combo. This 6 speed lathe includes big machine features like a 4-way turret tool post. Cuts both metric and inch threads. Has a see-through eye shield, 3/4 HP motor and a 9 3/4" swing. The milling head features its own variable speed motor, tilting column, MT-3 spindle taper and 8" of vertical travel. It bolts onto the back of the bed and is sturdy and versatile. This is an exceptional value and will make a great addition to any shop.
  • Distance between centers: 21-Inch
  • X-Axis travel: 23 inch
  • Lathe motor size : 3/4 HP
  • Lathe spindle bore: 3/4-Inch
  • Mill/drill motor size : 1/2 H
  • Lathe motor size : 3/4 HP
  • Lathe spindle bore: 3/4-Inch
  • Mill/drill motor size : 1/2 HP
  • Swing: 9-3/4-Inch 12 3/4-Inch

OTMT Combination Lathe

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Product Description
By combining a powerful lathe and drill/mill into one super-efficient and ultra-convenient design, this machine not only frees up valuable shop space, but also offers you significant cost savings over the long term. In fact, once you get this combination lathe up and running, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. Use this machine for all your metalworking needs including turning, drilling holes and milling. Durable, heavy-duty construction and quality workmanship give you a solid foundation for all your machining projects. Tight tolerances are easily attained so you can produce high quality parts. The large 18.7" x 6.3" table size is generous enough to handle a wide variety of piece sizes to help maximize productivity. The included vise securely clamps down workpieces for less wobble and more precise cuts. For turning, the long 17.3" travel length ensures most projects can be accomplished on this one machine. Provides impressive cost savings by including two machines in one. No need to move projects from one machine to another now you can handle all lathing and drilling tasks on a single machine. Large mill table handles lots of different piece sizes. Can customize the machine to your needs with the many available accessories.
  • Swing Over Bed 16.53" (420mm)
  • Distance Between Centers: 19.68" (500mm).
  • Carriage Travel: 17.3"
  • Automatic Feeding: 0.002"~0.014", '0.05~0.35mm.
  • Drilling & Milling_Spindle Taper: R8.
  • Drilling & Milling_Step Of Speed: 16.
  • Drilling Capacity_Decimal Inch: 0.86", '22mm.
  • End Milling Capacity: 1.10",'28mm.
  • Face Milling Capacity: 3.14", '80mm.
  • Longitudinal Range Of Automatic Feeding: 0.002" ~ 0.014", '0.05~0.35mm.
  • Maximum Cross Travel 7.875" (200mm).
  • Maximum Distance Between Spindle Center & Column 11.22" (285mm).
  • Maximum Distance Between Spindle Nose & Table 12.04" (306mm).
  • Maximum Longitudinal Travel: 17.32" (440mm).
  • Spindle Hole Diameter: 1.10" (28mm).
  • Spindle Taper: MT4/R8.
  • Spindle Travel: 4.33" (110mm).
  • Speed adjustment from 120 to 3,000 RPM.
  • Swiveling head. Swivel Angle Of Headstock ±180°
  • Powerful 3/4 HP motor.
  • Two separate motors for lathe and mill/drill operations.

Shop Fox M1112 Gunsmithing Lathe

shop fox m1112 metal lathe for gunsmithing
Product Description
This superb gearhead lathe scores a direct bulls eye with its high-tolerance bearings, D1-5 camlock spindle, outboard spindle bore supports, quick change gearbox, induction-hardened bed ways, and its extra fine longitudinal feed rate of 0.0011 inches/r and cross feed rate of 0.0004 inches/r. Other features include a heavy-duty vibration dampening stand, ball bearing tipped follow rest and steady rest, and a tailstock that can be tightened with a torque wrench to maintain precise chuck-to-tailstock alignment every time the tailstock is locked down. Even if you are not a gunsmith, you'll appreciate all the precision and features this lathe offers.
  • Swing over bed: 12 inches
  • Distance between centers: 36 inches
  • Swing over gap: 17 inches
  • Swing over cross slide: 7 inches
  • Swing over saddle: 11-11/32 inches
  • Cross slide travel: 6-1/4 inches
  • Compound travel: 3-1/4 inches
  • Carriage travel: 24 inches
  • Spindle bore: 1-5/8 inches
  • Spindle nose: D1-5 camlock
  • Spindle taper: MT #5
  • Motor: 2 HP, 220V, single-phase, 12A, 1725 RPM
  • Range of speeds: 70, 200, 220, 270, 360, 600, 800, 1000 and 1400 RPM
  • Bed width: 7-1/4 inches
  • Tailstock barrel taper: MT #3
  • Tailstock barrel travel: 4 inches
  • Longitudinal feed range: 40 at 0.0011 inches - 0.0311 inches
  • Cross feed range: 40 at 0.0004 inches - 0.0105 inches in./rev.
  • Thread range (inch): 40 at 4-112 TPI
  • Thread range (metric): 29 at 0.2-4.5mm
  • Maximum tool size: 5/8 inches
Features: Cast iron stand with extended base, Cast aluminum gear cover, Ground gears, High precision bearings, along with Hardened and ground V-ways

Includes: 6-Inch 3-Jaw chuck with two sets of jaws
8-Inch 4-Jaw chuck with reversible jaws
10-Inch faceplate
set of six change gears
1/2-Inch chuck w/ MT3 arbor

Accessories: Halogen work light, coolant system, ball bearing steady and follow rests, quick-change tool post